Thursday, 27 November 2014

Twists in the Tales - on sale at from today 03 Dec 14

This is an anthology of all the notings on MoD, MoF and CGDA files. It would suit those who wish to read the notings as a continuous narrative.

It is available on on 03 Dec 14. Since only 3 copies were bought thru Flipkart and Amazon, I have not paid another Rs 1500 for enlarged subscription.

Those interested to have a copy (to tell their grandchildren the twists in the tales) may place their orders with

Proceeds will go to Veterans organisations as usual.  


  1. Dear Sir,
    May be out of context. Rank Pay case has again been shifted to 18 Dec 14. It is not possible to decipher the reasons. If RDOA has any strong reasons to seek postponement of the case notwithstanding the case lingering for final outcome over decades, they may exercise their prerogative to say so if it is not a international secret.

    It is quite puzzling! Any comments ?

    1. @Young50 : Then it should cause even more alarm for all to learn the hearing has now been listed on 09 Jan 2015.