Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Message about Rank Pay II from Gp Capt Phatak (retd)

Subject:  Part II of Rank Pay Arrears
Please see mail from Gp Capt Suhas Pathak below
 Dear Sir,
I visited CDA(O) Pune office this morning. It is confirmed by officer concerned that after re opening 27000 cases of officers for Part II of Rank Pay arrears for period from 01 Jan 96 to 31 Dec 2005, more than 5000 cases have been finalised and arrears as due have been remitted. Remaining Officers will be paid by middle of December 2014. All officers are requested to wait till then and Querry if any must be raised in first week of January 2015. It is also requested not to send RTIs on this subject if it is avoidable.
All SSC officers holding the rank of Captain and above as on 01 Jan 1986 are being considered for rank pay arrears.
Kindly publish this in RMS.

Gp Capt Suhas Phatak,(Retd)
Tel no : 020-26442344.
mob: 09421003200
Sent From I- PAD


  1. As per GoI letter 34(10)/2013/D(Pay/Services) dated 24 Jul 14, it was widely perceived that all those who were in the rank of Capt to Brig on or after 01 Jan 1986 are supposed to get the arrears of rank pay. However, according to Naval Pay website, hardly anyone will be getting it. I am putting down the link of the Navpay for the quick reference. Can anyone comment on this?

    Link - https://navpay.gov.in/Dancheck.aspx

  2. Dear Sir,
    I request Gp Capt Pathak thro' this blog to prevail upon the CDA people to put up such vital information on the website rather than keeping to themselves. This would avoid anxiety of the serving officers and veterans as well. As such the Contempt Petition is hanging in their head with next hearing once again shifted to 28 Nov 14.
    Thanks a ton for his efforts.

  3. Thanks for info.

    The information that I have from my serving course mates is that as of now they have been given arrears only of the rank held by them on 1.1.96 e.g a capt on 1.1.96 has been given arrears only till 1997 (when they picked up rank of substantive Maj). No arrears after they picked up the next rank or subsequent promotions till 31.12.05. I wonder what is the interpretation of CDA of the letter dat 24 July. The least they could have done was to announce the method of implementation.

  4. Page 2 of 2
    1. First of all let the DESW have a joint meeting of the Records,PDA professional and discuss the matter at length with a view to find an immediately executable solution and thereafter Consolidate all these order from 2006/2008/2009-till date and issue one single letter giving the final verdict which not to be amended for corrections the next day. This letter should be the reference letter to the PDAs. These letter should be by hand delivered to up to CPPC levels .
    2. The data which the PDAs are not able capture from the PPOs are mainly (a) The date of birth of the Pre-2006 pensioners (b) The length of service rendered (c) Rank (d) Group (e) Date of birth of the Family pensioner.
    3. The details at para 2 above are to be tackled in 2 parts , so that the money reaches the pensioner immediately :-
    a. The PDAs directly obtain supporting documents from the pensioner/Family pensioner from the records held with them (Any records acceptable by any Government agency for any purpose and the banks already are well versed with it). Thus the PDA/CPPC captures this information and executes the payment and forwards the consolidated details to all Records and Pension CDA. The Reference check field out here should be the original PPO or original family PPO.
    b. In the other dependents.
    c. Finally and simultaneously up data , the SUVIGYA data base with each family pensioner. Query field input should be just the Service Number of the pensioner and out put should always come up as his updated total pension , amount of deduction on account of commutation and net payable and date of commutation end date.
    d. Reverse mode : The record Offices prepare the above data ( some may not be available with records ) and forwards electronically to all PDAs/CPPC. The Reference check field should be Original PPO/Family PPO numbers. On receipt of this data , the CPPC , does a “Sort/Find function” for those PPOs/Service numbers which were not corrected for want of data from the pensioner as mentioned at sub para (a) above . Updates the data and commence payment of the left over cases. Thereafter does and find replace function on the already collected data of sub para (a) above . Thereafter , consolidates the information and transmits back to PSA for archival
    e. All Future PPOs issued starting with todate by the PSA/CDA should contain , all these data fields including for family pensioners data and foreseeable data .for example , these data related to children/

  5. Sir, if PCDA is so sure of clearing all cases by end December 2014 then they should have put it up on their website. The fact that they have not done so reflects that they will take as much time as they want to take as they do not want to commit. Also, putting up this message on their website would prevent officers from approaching PCDA(O) on this account. But, logic then is not the buzz word at PCDA(O)..... They derive sadistic pleasure in keeping the officers of the very organisation guessing for which they exist... or may be in their view, they are the primary organisation and defence services are serving them... This attitude gets reflected every month when IRLAs are not uploaded in their website till 1800 h on last day of the month (sometimes even later) while they say that nothing done after 15th of the month get reflected in that month's IRLA. It is not understood that why the IRLAs can not be loaded say by 20th of the month. Is there any secret attached to it after these are finalised. Salary will get credited on the last day of the month but not to reflect the IRLA by 20 th or so is beyond comprehension. But then...

    Also, there is large disparity of amount of arrears even among course mates of the same arm/service. This is very evident because arrears are for time based promotions which every course mate has got at the same time. Then how the arrears can be different.. it seems that every accounts officer or the dealing clerk has a different take on the issue. Thereafter, it is expected of an officer to peep into pay slips of another officer and see whether he is getting more than him or not and then take up case with these babus. ..but then...

  6. PROJECT SANGAM -PCDA : is a much hyped Software project of CDA(Pensions),Allahabad.( Visit: http://pcdapensions.in/main/). Opening page says= Project Sangam - Issue of Corrigendum PPOs.

    In actual it is corr PPO Number and not Corr.PPO itself !!

    The out put what you get from this website is your new corr.PPO number . An example of the out put is given below :-
    IC 36xxxY M/003410/2001 YOUR NAME M/CORR/6 TH CPC/005545/2014.

    Veteran wonders, what great is being done by getting another number to your kitty of numbers containing , GC number, IC Number, CDA(O) a/c No, original PPO No( with copy of the document) and now this Corr PPO No ( but with out the PPO).

    Good SD would be , the out put be downloadable/printable corr PPO itself .

    Not a fine work done by the PCDA (pension). Resource cost of development of this simple software is questionable and should go through Technical and Financial audit in the public interest.

  7. I got the my first installment in Jul 2013 and thereafter for past 12 months send email/reminder email(24 emails) and 3 speed posts asking for only my copy of the LPC . I never got it and was anxious on the correctness of calculations.
    There after filed an RTI asking for (a) LPC-Cum data sheet (a one page document) (b) working details of new entitlements from 1/1/86 todate , already paid month wise and arrears and interest month wise (c) When will the next installment be paid with specific latest date anticipated.
    Surprised to get reply for all those points above with in 20 days . A good work done and compliments to CDA(O). Incidently all these data are available in their data base , and standard out put formats are available . The information could be printed with a click of a mouse , but cover letter could take some time.

    Not satisfied with the last item on the above list. Going for appeal for giving incomplete information which amounts to denying information under the act.

    YES by all reasons.
    There should be a Ministerial Level Department/ Office wise Report and Return consolidation of RTI , in order to monitor LESS GOVERNMENT AND MORE GOVERNANCE.
    such data also should be published on the Ministry's website, department wise for further INFORMATION of the citizens and for improving performance of various offices/departments.

    1. The data is published on every Ministry's website as well.

    2. Sir ,
      I tried on MOD/desw/CGDA/PCDAs websites .
      Did not get the number or content or both of RTIs raised against CGDA office, Various PCDA offices

    3. http://persmin.gov.in/DOPT/RTICorner/RTI_Applications_20112012.htm